Your dentition in good hands.

11-48 Dental Wellness believes preventing problems is the way to go. We achieve this through regular oral hygiene and care, as well as the best quality of dental treatments, performed in a calm and comfortable way. We consider comfort, a long term vision and good communication to find the right approach for you essential, even if you're only here for a short period of time.



Your first visit
Just walk into our office!

Everybody is happily invited to 11-48 Dental Wellness. During you first appointment, we'd like to take plenty of time to get to know one another, share  our vision with you and talk through your wishes or needs. Based on our 'colorindex' or your personal risk-profile, we can tell you exactly if, and what kind of follow-up might be needed and you'll have a clear understanding about your dental situation and the possibilities.
Besides that, you're more than welcome to have a look around in our practice and even visit the unique old vault in the basement... just ask.

Discover your color!
What's the status of your dentition?

11-48 Dental Wellness uses a 'colorindex' to give you more awareness of your dental situation. To trigger you a little in advance we developed a small test that'll tell you if you have need to worry or not:) 
So please, test yourself with a few short and nice questions! Of course, we'd advice you to schedule an appointment if you want to find out for real..


providing awareness about the status of your dention

In order to improve communication and awareness about the status of your dentition, 11-48 developed the so-called colorindex. During your first visit and every regular check-up afterwards this index, consisting of the most important aspects related to dental health and oral well being will be completed and talked through. Together with your specific situation and demands, this will lead to a clear understanding and advice about treatment planning and maintenance.
This way, you'll know exactly where you stand and what is needed to keep your smile healthy and beautiful throughout life. Whether you're here to stay or only in Groningen for limited times, you're welcome at our homey clinic.

a roadmap to perfect oral healt
We don't want to make an appointment, we rather make a plan.

Within 11-48 Dental Wellness, we like to look at regular check-ups as part of a lifelong process, that enables you to grow old while having the benefits of a healthy and good-looking dentition. Because everybody is different and this 'proces' therefore also differs from one person to the next, we like to develop a personal plan for you. Based on your colorindex, wishes and initiative, with the coaching and guidance of 11-48 Dental Wellness. Find out what it can do for you:)